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Services Team

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The key role of the Services’ Team is to act as an enabler for the other teams by ensuring the resources are in place to allow them to meet their objectives.  This includes the maintenance of the property to ensure it is welcoming, comfortable and safe.  We also have a responsibility to ensure financial stability and the effective use and good stewardship of all financial resources to enhance our work in this part of God’s kingdom.

The Services' Team brought together the former Property and Finance Committees in 1999.  Key members are the Property Steward(s), the Safety Officer and the Church Treasurer and, ideally, the full team membership should reflect the diversity of those using our premises.

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As a Charity excepted from registration under Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 242 we comply with Charity Law and also legislation and good practice as they affect our finances and use of the premises.  Being a Charity allows us to claim Gift Aid on most of the money donated to church by individuals who are tax payers - this is an important source of income.  We have entered into various  contracts to ensure the building and equipment are properly maintained and remain safe; the necessary licences are in place to allow us to use resources for our church services and stream them.  Regular external users of the premises are subject to Licence Agreements and casual bookings require us to use documentation issued by, and agreed with, the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP) to ensure both parties clearly understand roles, responsibilities and rights; external users are also a valuable source of income.

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