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Children and young people are an integral part of our community

Church & Community

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We serve the children in our village community through...

  • Leading assemblies at the Primary Schools

  • Involvement in the Unique Course at schools

  • Inviting groups to make annual Advent displays

  • Holiday Clubs in partnership with other churches

Worship, Learning & Spirituality

We nurture the spirituality of the children in our congregation by...

  • Children are included in worship services for the duration of the Craft & Communion service on the second Sunday of each month and for a shorter slot for all other Sundays. There are always resources for children in our "pray ground" space. 

  • Children in Primary School (and younger) participate in Godly Play sessions when attending the 10.45 am service.

  • Young people (year 7 and up) participate in our small youth church class called SOS "Spirit on Sundays"

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