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Our mission is 

to know Jesus Christ

 and to make his love known

This mission will be developed through...

a diversity of worship forms which are accessible to all

a focus on the spiritual development of every person in contact with the church.

the creation of a positive culture of lifelong learning and discipleship.

the sharing of the good news of Christ’s love for all.

being a safe and welcoming community for all.

the use of the facilities of the Church for developing a strong sense of community.

outreach to the people of the village through service and evangelism.

action on behalf of those suffering injustice in the wider world.

consideration of environmental sustainability in decisions about the use of financial resources

and the development of the church building.

The development of partnerships within the Methodist Circuit

and with other local churches and community groups.

Promoting work with families, children and young people

in every area of our life and witness as a church.

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